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The Art Pack

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The Art Pack is for both budding and experienced artists. It can be used from ages 5-11 years. The pack is aimed at creating a beautiful sketchbook of imagination and creativity. Each pack will come with 2 challenges to get children started in their sketchbooks. I will also send a personal message in each pack so please look out for the confirmation email where it requests you to send the name of the recipient. 

I have been running classes in my North London studio for 3 years now and due to the current crisis I am hoping to be able to continue teaching my classes but through virtual means! 

This pack will allow you to either go it alone and enjoy creating without any guidance or to have all the materials needed to join @theworkshopathome private Instagram group! To join the Art At Home community please see details here.

Materials Included:

x1 A4 ENVIRO Casebound Recycled Sketchbook

x1 30cm Quality Steel Ruler

x1 Koh-I-Noor Soft Eraser

x1 HB Long Lasting Pencil

x2 Sable Paint Brushes

x1 Watercolour Paint Tin (12 colours)

x12 Staedtler Colouring Pencils

x12 Staedtler Colouring Pens

x1 Glue Stick

x1 Name Badge Kit

x1 Tote Bag


Assorted Patterned Paper

Selection of craft materials - pompoms/pipe cleaners/feathers/lolly sticks/sticky gems/googly eyes/bells all nicely wrapped up inside a cute origami pouch!

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