Make a Leaf Mobile - Video Tutorial

Love watching the leaves fall? Here's how you can create your own autumn inspired artwork!

Learn how to make your very own hanging leaf mobile with this week's Workshop at Home video challenge.

You will need:

  • A stick
  • String
  • A selection of papers (for your leaves)
  • Pen or pencil
  • Scrap paper (for sketching)
  • Scissors
  • Art materials to decorate your leaves (pens, watercolours, pastels etc)
  • Optional: Card or thick paper and glue (to stick your leaves onto)


Step 1: Drawing Your Leaves

I want you to think about different leaf shapes and sizes, the textures on the leaves and the autumnal colours you can see out on your walks.

Step 2: Making Your Leaves

I have used different pieces of scrap paper to give each leaf a different feel to them. You can back your leaves onto thicker card like me or just leave them as they are!

Step 3: Decorating Your Leaves

You can use any art materials you have at home to decorate your leaves. Think about autumnal colours and textures.

Step 4: Assembling Your Mobile

Hooray! By the end of this video tutorial you will have made yourself an Autumnal leaf mobile. These look lovely hung up in windows for passers-by to admire.

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