Please note, your subscription free trial will start as soon as you sign up to The Workshop At Home, so we advise you get set up on Instagram as soon as possible!

Step 1 - Sign Up

You will need an instagram account to access The Workshop At Home.
If you haven't already got an Instagram account, go to https://www.instagram.com/ and create one.
You will need to let me know your Instagram handle (user name) (e.g. @myinstagramaccount), so I can approve you as a follower. You can do this one of two ways:
1. When you sign up to The Workshop At Home, by adding a note in the cart before you checkout.
2. After you have signed up, by replying to my email confirming your membership.
If you're unsure of your Instagram handle/ username, continue to the next step and then let me know.

Step 2 - Log In

You can log in to Instagram on any device; a desktop, a tablet or on a mobile.
On desktop, go to  https://www.instagram.com/ and log in.
On mobile and tablet, you can also download the Instagram app.
To find your instagram handle, go to your profile (round button in the bottom right of the app, top right on desktop). Your handle will be the name at the top of the page. (e.g. myinstagramaccount).

Step 3 - Follow

Use the search bar to find the @theworkshopathome account.
You will find the search bar at the centre top on a desktop, or by clicking on the magnifying glass symbol on Instagram, and the search bar will appear at the top of the screen.
Once you are on theworkshopathome page, select the blue 'Follow' button. This will turn to a grey 'Requested' button.
Please ensure you have provided me with your Instagram handle, otherwise I will not approve you. 
I will let you know once I have approved your follow request, either by Direct Message on Instagram or by email.

Step 4 - View

Once you are approved, you will see The Workshop At Home posts.
Each post contains either a drawing challenge, or an art tutorial video.
New posts will appear at the top, starting from the left.
To view a post, click on the square image. This will show you an image slider (swipe to view photos) or a video. The description will appear below.
You can tell the content of the post by the 'front image'. Drawing challenges will appear as text on a white background, while videos will appear with a colourful background.
To browse and watch videos, click the IGTV symbol (the TV with a squiggly line through it) at the centre top. This will filter the posts and just show you videos.
To go back to seeing all posts, click the Posts icon (a nine square grid) to the left of this.
New videos will be added every Monday, and daily drawing challenges Tuesday-Friday. 
Please note, you will not receive a notification when a new post has been uploaded, but you can see how recent a post is by opening the post, and finding the date at the bottom of the description.

Step 5 - Share

I'd love to see your amazing Workshop at Home creations! 
The easiest way to do this is via DM (direct message). To send me a DM on the Instagram app, click the paper airplane icon at the top right of mobile. To send a DM on desktop, click the paper airplane icon, which you find in the nav bar at the top right.
Once you have opened the message view, click the pencil on paper icon to compose a new message. Type in theworkshopathome in the 'To' section, click 'next', and write your message and/or attach your images.
If you wish to post to Instagram, you can tag me in your posts by either:
1. Tagging in the comments. Do this by typing @theworkshopathome in the comments (making sure it links).
2. Tagging in the post. When you post, you will have the option to tag people into the image. If you do this, it will appear on the Workshop At Home 'tagged feed'.
You can also send me posts in a DM. Do this by opening a post (either your own or someone else's), and click the paper airplane icon underneath the description. On desktop, you'll need to select 'Send To Direct', and then send the post as a DM.

Step 6 - Create

To make the most of the online art club, I recommend setting aside a couple of hours to do the week's video art challenge (e.g. an afternoon after school), and then having a go at the daily drawing challenges either every day, every few days, or at the weekend.
As a member, you also get access to the full catalogue of previous activities. So if you're looking for more of a challenge, or a fun rainy afternoon activity, then you can scroll through existing posts or videos and pick one or more to have a go at!
And remember, these art activities can be enjoyed by all ages - so why not get the whole family involved and make, create & enjoy together!

Any Other Questions or Feedback?

You can access Instagram help guides here - https://help.instagram.com/
Please contact me if you have any further questions or need help!