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The Workshop At Home Membership

£60.00 GBP

Instagram Art Club Membership

This art club is online and the content in the art club can be used at any point, there are no 'live' tutorials so you can join anytime, no matter where you are, and have access to all the content at your leisure. Each day new challenges will be added for the duration of the 6 week membership.

I will be running art club for the foreseeable future through a private Instagram page called @theworkshopathome aimed at 5-11 years.

All you need to do is sign up for a 6 week membership at any point and you can use all the content as and when you want. 

This private Instagram account will only be accessible to the children enrolled in the session, and their parents. You may create an account for your child solely for the purpose of this class and make it a private account or your child can participate through one of their parents' account.

Every Monday I will upload a pre-recorded video to the Instagram page @theworkshopathome, setting out an Art Challenge. The video will focus on either an artist to inspire the lesson or a key word to open their creative thinking and see what they can come up with! During each video I will introduce the children to the theme, I will show them examples of how they can use different mediums, tips and tricks and how to explore that weeks theme in more detail.

As an example one of the words I could use for the Art Challenge could be PURPLE. Let's take the word purple and see how many ways we can explore this one goes...

Purple is a secondary colour, what does that mean? How do we make the colour purple? Using the colour wheel what is the opposite colour to purple? This is known as a complimentary colour. How does purple make us feel? Is purple a cool or warm colour? Is there an artist who uses purple as their main inspiration for their artwork? Fun Fact: Did you know that Vincent Van Gogh's The Bedroom didn't always have blue walls? They were originally painted a pale violet but over the years they have changed to blue! What vegetables are purple, do you have some in the house? Can you draw them? How many shades of purple can you make using watercolour? Can you make a picture only using the colour purple?

These are a few ways in which we can explore just one word! It is a really fun way to teach children art which also allows them to have a significant input in their own creativity, allowing them to explore their own ideas and inspiration.

The Instagram Art Club will allow you as parents to have the freedom to work to your own schedule at home and can log into my challenges at any time and as many times as you want! 

It gives children the opportunity to interact with me through Instagram, ask questions, post their artwork for other children to see and create an online art community for them, just like the community I have worked hard to create here at my studio.

The membership is per Instagram account not per child, so if you have one or more children at home you only need one membership per household.


Tuesday - Friday I will post a mini challenge once a day to keep the creative flow going.

Once a  month I will select a 'Mini Artist of the Month' where I will post their work to my public Instagram page and issue them a certificate

Once a month I will award a Star Artist Prize - with a special art material sent to you! (which can be sent internationally)

I pledge to spend at least an hour a day answering any questions the children might have through either feed posts or through a direct message

All videos and content will stay permanently on the Instagram page so you can access it when you want for as long as you have membership. On Monday 11th May I will email you to see if you would like to renew your membership. If you choose to renew another payment will be organised with you. If you choose not to renew you will lose access to the private Instagram account. You can join the membership at any point and have full access to all the content.

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